What to do When Your Child is Always in Trouble?

By Jordan Wilson Nobody wants their child labeled the ‘trouble maker’ at school. Knowing your child is in trouble for skipping school, disrupting class or being a bully is awful and can make you feel helpless- but there are steps you can take.

8 Ways on How to Master the Dreaded Morning Workout

By Jordan Wilson For some, waking up to go to the gym is like a unique form of torture. It’s an uphill battle between your motivated self and your lazy self, a sort of tug-of-war between the comfort of your bed and the energising hum of the gym. By getting [...] Read more »

Obese Kids Are in Denial About their Weight

By Jordan Wilson New US government data suggest a non-medical cause of America’s childhood obesity crisis: denial. According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, 48 per cent of obese boys and 36 per cent of obese girls think their weight is “about right”. Among kids and teens who [...] Read more »

Sleep On The Job Leads to Better Work Output

By Jordan Wilson Sleeping on the job has a whole new meaning for ‘naptivists,’ who are calling for the introduction of a mini-siesta in the workplace, citing proof of spikes in productivity and efficiency without the need of external substances. At Kavanagh Industries, a sheet-metal duct manufacturer based in Sydney, [...] Read more »

When Healthy Eating Becomes an Unhealthy Obsession

By Jordan Wilson Jordan Younger wasn’t just any run-of-the-mill vegan. She was “The Blond Vegan”, whose blog and Instagram account chronicled and detailed her meals and recipes to tens of thousands of followers. As someone obsessed with healthy eating, it came as a surprise to Younger when, just over a [...] Read more »

Choosing the Right Exercise Class for You

By Jordan Wilson The perfect exercise class for you should help you meet your goals, as well as be right for your level. Thankfully many exercise classes cater to all levels, so you can stick with the same class but progress through the levels until you can’t believe you ever [...] Read more »

What to Do if You Think an Employee is Using Drugs?

By Jordan Wilson Being proactive about drug abuse in your workplace means making sure your employees are safe and happy in their jobs. It also allows for maximum efficiency and saves you from the cost in accidents and lost work time that drug use can result in. So how can [...] Read more »

Woolworths changes hiring plan for in-store health checks

By Jordan Wilson The retail giant conirmed to the ABC that it was responsible for job ads seeking pharmacy graduates, students and nurses for an in-store health check program. However, the supermarket issued a statement later saying that the jobs ads, which were published through a marketing company, were not [...] Read more »

Avoid Dismissal Due To Drug Use

If you’re one of the Many Australians that casually use illegal drugs and/or binge drinks, then you may be worried about your private decisions affecting you at work. Legislation around drug usage is complicated and decisions tend to be made on a case to case basis, however often an employer [...] Read more »

7 Reasons on Why Bloating Occurs

Getting bloated is uncomfortable, gross, and occasionally embarrassing, but it is something we all deal with one point or anther. Gassiness isn’t just from gorging yourself with a delicious meal. Bloating happens because your body can’t break down gas, like it does the food you swallow. Even the digestive process itself creates gas right [...] Read more »

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