Win Hearts with Your Perfect Smile

Step by Step Advice on How to Obtain Pearly Whites Our teeth have been very different from the rest of our body ever since we have been children. When we are in the womb, we develop our senses, our body, but teeth only grow in after we are born. They […] Read more »

Australia Being Torn Apart by Ice Addiction

By Jordan Wilson Australia is in the midst of an ice epidemic, with the drug being linked to a growing number of crimes, and higher quantities of the amphetamine seized at our borders. Experts say the popularity of the drug caught Australia unawares, with the usage on par with the […] Read more »

6 Things to Help Lose Weight at Lunch

By Jordan Wilson At a busy day at work, you may not be able to go to the gym to have a work out after. The best compromise is to watch what you eat to maintain your healthy lifestyle. Here are some lunchtime tips to help you lose weight:

Healthy Habits that Hold Back the Biological Clock

By Jordan Wilson Botox and cosmetic repair jobs are on the usual arsenal in terms of anti-ageing methods, but how about a different approach? Like going to the gym or run laps around the park instead of eating a bag of chips. Sticking to a healthy body weight is a […] Read more »

The Benefits of Having a Playful Mindset at Your Workplace

By Jordan Wilson It’s natural that we all have to grow up, but holding on to our inner child can help you more than what you expect it to. Makenna Johnston at Tiny Buddha says the end result of fun in the workplace doesn’t only create happier employees, but happier […] Read more »

What to do When Your Child is Always in Trouble?

By Jordan Wilson Nobody wants their child labeled the ‘trouble maker’ at school. Knowing your child is in trouble for skipping school, disrupting class or being a bully is awful and can make you feel helpless- but there are steps you can take.

8 Ways on How to Master the Dreaded Morning Workout

By Jordan Wilson For some, waking up to go to the gym is like a unique form of torture. It’s an uphill battle between your motivated self and your lazy self, a sort of tug-of-war between the comfort of your bed and the energising hum of the gym. By getting […] Read more »

Obese Kids Are in Denial About their Weight

By Jordan Wilson New US government data suggest a non-medical cause of America’s childhood obesity crisis: denial. According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, 48 per cent of obese boys and 36 per cent of obese girls think their weight is “about right”. Among kids and teens who […] Read more »

Sleep On The Job Leads to Better Work Output

By Jordan Wilson Sleeping on the job has a whole new meaning for ‘naptivists,’ who are calling for the introduction of a mini-siesta in the workplace, citing proof of spikes in productivity and efficiency without the need of external substances. At Kavanagh Industries, a sheet-metal duct manufacturer based in Sydney, […] Read more »

When Healthy Eating Becomes an Unhealthy Obsession

By Jordan Wilson Jordan Younger wasn’t just any run-of-the-mill vegan. She was “The Blond Vegan”, whose blog and Instagram account chronicled and detailed her meals and recipes to tens of thousands of followers. As someone obsessed with healthy eating, it came as a surprise to Younger when, just over a […] Read more »

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