4 pieces of fitness equipment to take your exercise regime to the next level

It’s fairly common for fitness regimes to get a bit stale – be it from boredom over doing the same exercise routine every day, or not being challenged enough physically. Luckily, there are some simple but effective pieces of fitness equipment on the market today that can greatly increase and enhance your workouts. Whether you’ve found yourself in a fitness rut, or if you just want to ramp up your fitness game, here are four pieces of fitness equipment to take your exercise regime to the next level:

1. Weighted vest

Throwing a weight vest into the mix of your fitness programme can add an extra layer of challenge. Weighted vests are suitable for a variety of activities – from running to plyometric training, to cross training. Exercising with weighted vests can provide cardiovascular benefits as well as musculoskeletal benefits as your bones become denser and stronger from the added weight. This is a great way to mix things up while also enhancing your workouts and gaining strength.

2. Plyometric boxes

Plyometric training is the perfect way to combine and improve strength, speed and endurance. Adding plyometric boxes to your exercise regime is great if you want a compact and adjustable solution for improving speed and strength. Plyo boxes make for great pieces of home gym equipment because they don’t take up much space and can be stacked and stored easily. Plyometric jump boxes by provide a cardio-intense full body workout while increasing the movement range of the entire body and are so easy to incorporate into your daily exercise routine.

3. Gym sled

Gym sleds are one of the best ways to develop strength in your legs, hips, and arms and improve your physical abilities. Power sleds along with sled harnesses are designed to maximise your workouts and boost your resistance strength training. Prowler sleds even have an added centre pole that allows for weight plates to be added for increased resistance. Gym sleds, prowler sleds and power sleds are all fantastic additions to both home and commercial gyms.

4. Battle rope

A battle rope is another great piece of fitness equipment to take your ordinary exercise regime to the next level. Battle ropes and climbing ropes are great for developing your strength and enhancing your cardio. Equipping your home gym with a battle rope can be ideal for strength training, burning calories and building core muscles. Battle ropes are another highly effective piece of home gym equipment that virtually takes up no space! Plus, most battle ropes and climbing ropes can be used both indoors or outdoors.

By incorporating simple yet effective fitness equipment such as weighted vests, plyo boxes, a gym sled, and a battle rope, you can effectively take your fitness to the next level to achieve the results you’re after. As a reminder, always be sure to exercise safety and caution when exercising with these fitness equipment items as improper use can lead to injury. For high-quality, durable and Australian-made fitness equipment for both home and commercial gyms, visit Brisbane-based AtomicMass.

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