5 Reasons You Should Have Your Property Surveyed

1. The Property’s Boundary Lines:
The most common reason that most property owners hire a professional surveyor is to determine the boundary lines of their property. This is often beneficial to know before paving your driveway, adding a sunroom or patio, building a fence and buying and selling property.

In many cases, the survey may prove that both you and any neighbours you have are assuming that the boundary line is located at one location, but this really isn’t the case. Before having any type of construction done, be sure to know where your property line is for sure. This will prevent any legal issues down the road.

2. Gaps, Overlaps, and Gores:
When you are having the boundary lines of your property certified, the survey that is done is going to include some type of statement that indicates there is no current discrepancy regarding where your property starts or ends and another one begins. In some situations, this can be extremely beneficial, such as when your property is next to streets, highways, roads, or alleys.

3. Abandoned Roads, Easements, and Rights-of-Way:
With a professional survey of your property, all of the conditions that are imposed by the law and that are shown on the title report will be seen. For example, if your piece of property is blocking your neighbor’s ability to gain access to a nearby road, then there could be an easement in place. This provides your neighbor with the legal right to use your property to gain access to the street.

4. All Existing Improvements:
When a surveyor is working, they are going to certify all improvements, building, repairs, and alterations present on your property at the time of the survey that has not violated any type of law, or other set restrictions regarding parking, setbacks, building lines, frontage, dimension, bulk, and height.

Also, the surveyor is going to let you know if an improvement that you have made to your property has violated some local ordinance that is in place. This is going to put you on notice that it is time to change this issue.

Existing Improvements

5. Cemeteries:
While there isn’t anything quite as creepy as finding out that your backyard is actually an old, family cemetery, it is something that may occur when you invest in a professional survey. With the information provided, you will know any old cemeteries that are present on your land.

As you can see, there are more than a few reasons for you to invest in a professional survey. It’s a good idea to take the time to find the right professional Land Surveyor for the job so that quality results are achieved. This will pay off and help you understand everything about your property.

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