7 Reasons on Why Bloating Occurs

Getting bloated is uncomfortable, gross, and occasionally embarrassing, but it is something we all deal with one point or anther. Gassiness isn’t just from gorging yourself with a delicious meal. Bloating happens because your body can’t break down gas, like it does the food you swallow. Even the digestive process itself creates gas right in your abdomen sometimes. If not released, air begins to build up in the stomach and intestines, which can make you feel like a balloon.

Here are seven reasons that gas is gurgling inside you:

1. Stress

Source: sites.jmu.edu
Source: sites.jmu.edu

When stress hits us hard, some of our bodies react by driving blood away from the usual digestive process. As a result, you could end up with bloating, constipation, diarrhea, or a plain old stomachache.

While stress itself could be to blame for bloating, the nervous habits that many of us pick up when we’re anxious could also be the culprits. People chew gum, drink carbonated drinks, or even gulp air when we’re nervous or feeling anxious. All these habits push extra air into the stomach.

2. Medication

Medications can come with a long, and sometimes nasty, list of possible side effects, including bloating. Meds that contain lactulose or sorbitol, or the diabetes medicine acarbose, are especially common culprits.

3. Overeating

Research published in the International Journal of Obesity found that if you’re binge eating, you’re even more likely to encounter gassiness.

4. You’re eating so fast

Eating too quickly or drinking through a straw can result in swallowing bubbles of air along with your meal.

Plus, insufficient chewing can reduce your body’s ability to digest carbs. This creates gas in the intestines, which makes you feel uncomfortable. Even if you’re starved after a long day at the office, force yourself to chew thoroughly and take small sips before you swallow. This will help eliminate the air pockets that bloat your belly.

5. You’re dehydrated

Just like crash diets cause the body to go into starvation mode and cling to fat, yor body begins to retain fluid when it’s dehydrated. If you feel like retaining fluid, that probably means it’s time to drink some more. Avoid carbonated drinks, which will likely exacerbate your problem. Instead, reach for herbal tea or a good old glass of water.

6. You’re eating gassy foods

Some foods are notorious for causing gas. Cabbage, broccoli, kale, aples, and avocados have all been known to cause bloating. Eating too much salt can also cause water retention, which can leave you feeling puffy.

7. You have a chronic medical condition

Many disorders causes bloating, including coeliac disease, dumping syndrome and even ovarian cancer. Irritable bowel syndrome is one of the most common. IBS affects the large intestine and causes food to be forced through the intestines faster than it should be, often resulting in gas and diarhhea.

If you just can’t seem to reduce your bloating, visit your doctor.

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