8 Ways on How to Master the Dreaded Morning Workout

By Jordan Wilson

For some, waking up to go to the gym is like a unique form of torture. It’s an uphill battle between your motivated self and your lazy self, a sort of tug-of-war between the comfort of your bed and the energising hum of the gym.

By getting yourself armed with armed with an arsenal of ideas, you will be able to get out of the rut and become the ruler of fitness.

1. Setting multiple alarms

Source: fitday.com
Source: fitday.com

When two alarms isn’t enough, get five! Starting half an hour before you want to get up, set the subsequent alarms on a random interval. Our bodies may not be ready for the rude awakening, and people could find themselves and missing their workout. When you’re just getting into the habit, bombard yourself with obnoxious alarms and know that while you’re totally miserable in the moment, you’ll thank yourself later.

2. Lay out everything the night before

Scrambling around half delirious in the morning will do you no good. Plan ahead and packing your things the night before helps a lot, so you could just grab your bag and drive to the gym in record time.

3. Make it a date

Some days can be so difficult to get out of bed, especially when you know that there’s nothing stopping you from staying snug under the covers. But when someone is depending on you to show up, you’ll get the responsibility to get out of bed and get your act together.

Convince a friend, you won’t be able to skip out.

4. Cut travel time

A longer travel time would mean getting up eaven earlier, finding a gym that was literally around the corner meant that making an excuse about travel time was no longer an option. Even if a nearby gym isn’t an option, running outside or doing a video in your living room can help you sneak in a workout, no matter how short on time you are.

5. Leave no escape

Signing up for a class and not showing up leads to a dent on your account. So, to get out of bed and into the gym as a motivation, start signing up for morning classes. Knowing that there will be consequences for not showing up, it’s more likely that you’ll get up and get your act together.

6. Don’t sweat a slip-up

Some days you might skip your workout day, especially after indulging a little too much the night before. It’s important to accept that you won’t be ble to make your goal every time. If you miss a workout day, don’t beat yourself up; just pay attention to what went wrong. Listen to your body, and learn from what didn’t work instead of getting upset.

7. Crash early

There are some people who are night owls, and as hard as you try to hit the hay before 10PM, some may toss and turn until their body decides it’s time to sleep, usually 1:30AM. Sometimes, the longer people work at adjusting their schedule, the easier it becomes, but there are still days that they were able to magically pass out.

Try turning off the TV an hour before hopping into bed.

8. Remember the results

Switching your workout routine from after work to before could affect your mood throughout the day. Some may feel sluggish getting out of the door, and some left the gym feeling seriously refreshed and invigorated.

If you’re struggling to find the motivation, just remember the energy you will feel pulsing through your body as soon as you step out of the door and start the rest of your day.

This fitness tip was derived from the article at Popsugar.

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