Choosing the Right Exercise Class for You

By Jordan Wilson

The perfect exercise class for you should help you meet your goals, as well as be right for your level. Thankfully many exercise classes cater to all levels, so you can stick with the same class but progress through the levels until you can’t believe you ever couldn’t do some of the moves. Below we’ve outlined some of the 4 main goals people have when joining a class, and what type of class is the best option.

Strengthen Up

Many men and women join a class looking to strengthen up. This may mean strengthening existing muscles or gaining bulk. Women and men can do weights without gaining bulk – it all depends on the size of the weights, regularity, diet and reps. If you are worried about bulking in a strength class speak to your instructor. The best options for improving strength are classes that use your whole body and either your body weight or extra weights.

Flexible and Fit


If you are looking to be more flexible then a class in pilates or yoga is a fantastic option. Flexibility can deteriorate as you get older unless you keep stretching, so making one of these classes a priority is a good idea for men and women. If you don’t like the slower nature of pilates, consider pilates reformer classes which tend to give weight loss results quicker.

Toned and Terrific

To tone up you can take any type of class, however yoga and pilates can tone all of your body – something that many devotees appreciate. These classes also tend to result in longer and leaner lines. Dynamic classes can also result in a quicker toning up and create strong, beautiful muscles.


Rehabilitation is the reason many people join a gym – whether that is rehabilitation from a specific injury or of a general sense of ill health. Back pain is a key problem amongst millions of adults and one that can be helped by strength workouts, toning the stomach and back, and posture perfect pilates and yoga. Aqua aerobics is a great rehabilitative class because it is low impact on joints and helps you gain strength without compromising injuries.

Trying out a couple of different exercise classes at your gym is a good way to see what works for you and stay interested and motivated in your workout.

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