Five Things We Love About Cam Cam Copenhagen’s Organic Cotton Muslins

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When you’re expecting, your list of ‘must-haves’ for the nursery can be endless. But we have one nursery item that is simply a must – organic cotton muslins by Cam Cam Copenhagen. These baby cloths have so many uses and the muslin fabric is the best. Muslin fabric is delicate yet durable with fine weaving to create a soft, snuggly, and slightly stretchy fabric that is perfect for babies and toddlers. Here are five reason we know you’ll love about Cam Cam Copenhagen’s organic cotton muslins:


1. Sustainable muslin fabric

Rather than using cheap cloths made of synthetic fibres and fabrics, stock your nursery with sustainably-made organic cotton muslins from Cam Cam. Cam Cam uses sustainable production methods to make these super soft, 4-layer breathable GOTS-certified organic cotton muslins. The natural and sustainable fibres are woven delicately and gives the fabric a lovely texture.

Smiling baby in grey wave Cam Cam baby co sleeper nest

2. Stylish Cam Cam colours

Another reason we know you’ll love these awesome muslin cloths is that they come in a variety of Cam Cam Copenhagen’s signature colours that look simply gorgeous in the nursery! Choose from exquisite colours like mustard, navy, crème, baby blue, nude, grey, petroleum blue, mint, rose, and more! Plus, whichever colour you choose, these muslins pair well with Cam Cam’s other nursery items – score!



3. The perfect baby swaddle

Midwives and healthcare providers suggest swaddling your little one during their first three months as swaddling allows babies to be soothed more easily, fall asleep faster, and cry less. While Cam Cam’s traditional cotton muslin cloths measure 70 x 70 cm, their organic cotton muslin swaddle is nearly double the size and measures 120 x 120 cm. This makes Cam Cam’s muslin swaddles the perfect size to wrap your little one up for a snuggle!

4. Great for on-the-go use

Not only can these cotton muslins be used in the cot, for cleaning up little messes, nap time and meal time, they can also be thrown in a nursing bag for on the go use! You never know what will happen out in the world throughout your day; having a few of these cotton muslins on hand can be a lifesaver at times!

5. Soft and snuggly for baby

Not only does the four-layer breathable GOTS-certified organic cotton fabric in these muslin wraps make them sustainable, it also makes them super soft and snuggly for baby. You can rest assured knowing that when using these muslins during meal time, at the changing table, or simply for a snuggle, they are toxin-free and won’t irritate your little one’s delicate skin.

These muslin wraps by Cam Cam Copenhagen take practicality to the next level. We love them because of their soft, sustainable muslin fabric, their stylish colours, and their versatility in the nursery and beyond! When having a baby, these muslin cloths are simply a must-have baby item! To shop Cam Cam’s range of cotton muslins and muslin swaddles, visit Nordlife – an Australian online boutique specialising in baby products and nursery decor.



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