Hiring The Right Tradesman

When it comes to hiring a Tradie, you want to ensure you hire someone who is going to get the job done properly and for a good price. That being said, spending too little can often become a ‘you get what you paid for’ scenario. It’s important to find the perfect balance between a price you can afford and an experienced, quality business with a good reputation and hard-working, experienced tradespeople.

On the other hand, spending a bucketload doesn’t always mean you’re going to get quality work. It’s known in the industry that some of the bigger businesses while expensive, do not employ the best of the best workers. Some businesses are so big that quality control is lacking and you could end up out of pocket and with no solution to your problems.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of things to look out for when it comes to choosing a tradesman.

Fully Accredited

Perhaps the first thing you should check is that the tradesmen have the appropriate qualifications and accreditations that are required to carry out the job. For example, if you’re looking for a Plumber Balgowlah then you’ll want to check out the Master Plumbers Association website where you’ll be able to find accredited plumbers such as this Plumber on the Northern Beaches.

Good Reviews

Often the best indication of whether a business does a job well and leaves their customers happy is by checking out their reviews on various social media accounts. Check Facebook, Google My Business, True Local and other websites to ensure they have good feedback. But remembers to take every review with a pinch of salt, you’ll almost always find a disgruntled customer out there somewhere. What you want to look for is a trend – if there’s loads of good reviews that is a good indications, on the contrary if there are loads of bad reviews you may want to look elsewhere.

Upfront and Transparent

Good tradesmen will discuss estimated costs upfront with you. Hiding costs or avoiding the question is a bad sign. While a tradesman may not always be able to give you an exact cost up front, he will at least explain to you what is involved and what potential costs there may be. As long as the range is within your budget then you know you should be safe when you get the invoice. For example, this Melbourne Locksmith is known for being great communicators and upfront with their clients and this Sydney Surveyor, Survey Plus are known for their competitive prices.

That’s our tips for now. With this, we are positive you should be able to find the right tradesman for the job whatever you are doing. Don’t forget to compare a few quotes and businesses to be sure you’re getting a good deal from a reputable business. Ask your friends about their good experiences with tradesman as they may have already done the research for you and can refer you to someone they know, have used before and trust. You don’t want to end up taking a shortcut and having it cost you far more down the line. So take your time. do your research and be certain about your choices before engaging with a tradesman.

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