How to avoid smelly drains?

Smelly drains are never a good thing – whether they are in your basement, bathroom or kitchen. No one wants them, but all too often stinky drain problems begin and recur in our homes and businesses. So how can you avoid having a smelly drain, or eliminate the smell coming from your drain?

stinky-pipesFirst things first, avoiding stinky drains

No, we aren’t talking about shutting the door or stopping using your sink or toilet, we want to help you avoid the drain stinking in the first place. So what can you do?

Buy some drain screens

If you don’t already have drain screens, get some. These are the mesh like devices that you can fit over your drain so that nothing too big can get down a drain and clog it up. Whilst these won’t stop all nasties that try to get down your sink, they will help a lot.

Don’t pour everything down the sink

Grease should never go down drains because it makes for an all mighty smell. That means that you should always wipe greasy cooking implements with a paper towel before you wash them. You should also never pour chemicals down the drain, such as paint or other such products.

Make cleaning your drain a regular occurrence

We often remember to clean those things we can see –but what about the ones we can’t? Pouring boiled water down your drain once a week can help keep it clear and smelling fresh. Also remember to clean drain screens and plugs.

So your drain already smells?

There’s a couple of reasons your drain might smell and the most common one is a clogged pipe. To unclog pipes use a plunger or mixture of vinegar, baking soda and water. You can read more about that here.

If your drain isn’t clogged up you might have a different problem on your hands. Another common problem is a dry trap. Traps are a normal part of plumbing systems that hold water to stop stinky smells coming into your home. Sometimes however this water evaporates. Try pouring water down all drains and see if the smell dissipates.

Does your drain still smell?

Sometimes there are problems only professionals can fix – and that’s when you need to call in a plumber. If your drain just keeps smelling despite all your best efforts you might have a bigger problem than you think. Also, remember that not all drain clearing products are safe for your pipes and labels should be read carefully. The wrong product can corrode your pipes and cause far more expensive problems.

If you need a professional approach to ridding your pipes of such problems, contact No Doubt Plumbing at 1800 663 682! Serving in Melbourne and Geelong, they will come to your home any time of the day!

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