Long-span shelving basics

Long-span shelving is an excellent shelving system for a variety of storage needs. Whether you’re a small business owner, large corporate warehouse, or simply a family looking to tidy up your garage space, long-span shelving is a great way to go to get organised.

1. Medium duty shelving solution

Long-span shelving is a reliable and sturdy medium duty shelving solution. Although this type of shelving should not be used to store large, exceedingly heavy items or industrial equipment, long-span shelving can be used to house boxes, tools and other various mid-weight items.

2. High quality shelving units

When shopping around for long-span shelving, it’s very important to get quality shelving units. Most high-quality long-span shelves have powder coated beams and uprights that are able to be bolted to the floor for permanent fixture for warehouse use or left as is for simple garage installation. Most of these kinds of shelving units also have a maximum load bearing of at least 150kg per shelf with reinforced steel hat rails to be fitted as required.

3. Extendable shelving units

The best part about long-span shelving is that the shelving units can be interlinked to extend to any length to suit a variety of customised storage needs. This aspect of long-span shelving makes it a great solution if you’re a small business looking to implement a larger storage system. Simply purchase multiples of the same unit, link them up and you’ll have a seamless ready to go shelving system at your fingertips.

Gold Coast long-span shelving

If you’re looking for high quality long-span shelving in Brisbane and Gold Coast, look no further than Stockspace – an online retailer of affordable shelving units and storage solutions. StockSpace is a small business based on the Gold Coast that sells various types of shelving, work benches, and other storage solutions that are made to make your life easier. All of Stockspace’s high quality long-span shelving is extendable so you can easily and simply purchase multiple storage racks to meet your vast storage needs. Plus, they offer affordable delivery from Coffs Harbour all the way up to Rockhampton in Queensland. And even better, Stockspace offers free delivery for shelving units for all orders over $600!

Long-span shelving is a great way to keep your industrial or personal garage or warehouse organised and tidy. If you’re based on the Gold Coast or Brisbane, or anywhere in between Rockhampton and Coffs Harbour, Stockspace is your one stop shop for all long-span shelving and storage units.


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