The Benefits of Having a Playful Mindset at Your Workplace

By Jordan Wilson

Source: Sun Blazed via Flickr
Source: Sun Blazed via Flickr

It’s natural that we all have to grow up, but holding on to our inner child can help you more than what you expect it to. Makenna Johnston at Tiny Buddha says the end result of fun in the workplace doesn’t only create happier employees, but happier clients.

Makenna was living in a world of nine to five, with her job requiring rote completion of tasks day in and day out. It was completely montonous, with coffee breaks at nine, eleven, and two, with meetings all the time.Soon after,

Somewhere along the line, in a job known as management, I broke free through play.
It started when my coworker called me “mama duck.” Soon, at quite the fancy pants company, my team was “the ducks.” It was a catalyst.

Then came a laugh at an accidental joke there (and we laughed, even though it was inappropriate).

We held brainstorms, and called them cerebral thunderclouds.

Celebrating a client’s birthday with a perfectly branded image of a birthday cake, complete with their company colors (thanks to Photoshop).

Then we built imaginary presidential campaigns for bosses who were far more qualified than the candidates of 2008. And made the buttons to boot. The office joined in.

Those moments were expansive. Each led to happier meetings. Happier clients. Happier team members.

Advertising campaigns became opportunities to reflect their fun to others, and while they play, work was completed on time, no less.

Even if they become fun-loving band of people, the professionalism didn’t dissipate. The company didn’t fall apart. If anything, they all received a moment of joy in their otherwise slog of a job. Turns out that play isn’t just for after the work day.

And if anything negative happened as a result of more play, you have to ask the CEO. Too often we allow ourselves to be swept up into the stuff of adulthood, and forget that adulthood doesn’t have to equate to boring. And sometimes, adding a bit of play catalyzes work into a space of joy, fulfillment, and creation. Just what your job wants from you.

Give it a try, see how can you bring play to your day and work place. If a setting based on seriousness can do it, you probably can too.

The Benefits of Bringing More Play Into Your Work via Tiny Buddha

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