Win Hearts with Your Perfect Smile

Step by Step Advice on How to Obtain Pearly Whites

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Our teeth have been very different from the rest of our body ever since we have been children. When we are in the womb, we develop our senses, our body, but teeth only grow in after we are born. They fall back out only to grown back once again, but, if your adult teeth fall out, unlike other parts of the body which can make themselves again by healing, you teeth will stop growing after a couple of years. Interesting right? This is why we must take care of our teeth through all of our life stages, as they are essential for us and with proper care they will last throughout.
Step 1- Brush
When it comes to dental hygiene, laziness will not do. Core dental clinic Wyndham urges everyone, regardless of age to brush at least 3 times a day. You see when we are sleeping, our mouth and teeth play host to germs, which we brush away in the morning. If we do not, the build-up remains and starts to get in our teeth that can eventually result in cavities. Similarly, brushing after meals will ensure that our dinner does not remain stuck in the teeth. Failure to do so can result in bad breath, pain, infections, and sometimes swollen gums as well.
Step 2- Floss
Our tooth brush at times cannot get everywhere we want it to. Everyone has a different jaw structure, and teeth placement. Some have narrow spacing between each tooth while others have wider spacing. Some are born with perfect teeth; others need to get their teeth straightened out through braces. With so many different teeth and their structures, it is very common for some people to get food stuck between theirs which can go unnoticed. If it is not cleaned, it can lead to tooth decay which can make holes in the teeth if it is left untreated for too long. Fortunately this can be prevented with regular flossing.
Step 3- Mouth Wash
Mouth wash is a good way to protect your teeth from being attacked by bacteria and germs while you sleep. Since we do not have anything in our mouths for at least 8 hours, we can easily ensure our teeth remain rot free if we just gargle with this solution before hitting the hay.
Step 4- Regular Dental Visits
All of the above mentioned conditions stress the importance of regular dentist visits. It is not scary, it is not terrifying, it is for your own good! The dentist can help you keep your teeth free of the germs, bacteria, and other factors which can cause you pain, tooth decay, damage, and loss of teeth as well. Visiting the dentist will not just save your teeth, but also save you hundreds of dollars in surgeries if you don’t.
If you also want to be guided and treated by professional dentists, visit Core Dental Clinic Wyndham by calling us at (03)9749 6677 or by visiting the Wyndham dental clinic website at It is time to win hearts with your perfect smile.

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